By: Patrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO, Inveniam

The need for transparency in private markets is obvious. Great article in pitch book today. The ability to instrument your data to real time inform a digital instrument, a risk book, a portfolio managers system is what Inveniam provides. We are an operating system for data in a distributed data reality.

The need for a centralized data base to crunch data is a friction point Inveniam obviates. In 5 years a GP setting the mark for their own book will be like a 40 act fund clearing and settling their own trades. Bernie Maddoff killed that concept and the concept of GP not having a 3rd party mark on their assets is ridiculous.

Inveniam Valuation as a Service delivers your data to a third party valuation expert. The valuation agent gets out of data collection and data entry and delivers their high value knowledge work. The LP then has the 3rd party mark and, through Inveniam, full provenance of the source data through every change of state of that data.

Price discovery will be the killer app for blockchain.

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