Private Market Data Made Actionable is the data operating system for delivering access, transparency, and trust in the value and performance of private market assets

Higher Functioning Data for the Distributed Economy

from data at rest to data made actionable

From Data at Rest

Legal, financial, diligence and performance documents remain within existing data management systems as the “golden source”

To Data Made Actionable

Data elements are intelligently extracted from structured or unstructured documents and delivered real-time
from data at rest to data made actionable

Trusted Data Delivered

High functioning, interoperable data ready to use with 3rd party tools.
Automate data delivery, processes, and sequencing

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Valuation as a Service (VaaS)

Regular CRE appraisals and PE valuation marks. Receive independent, 3rd party valuations with fully observable inputs.

Waterfall as a Service (WaaS)

Fully observable investor calculations to support capital calls, distributions, allocations, and management fees.

Capital Notices

Fast, efficient capture of portfolio investment notices and corporate actions.
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Visualize important data to keep everyone on the same page and inform future decisions. Data Operating System

The foundational infrastructure for asset owners, service providers, and investors to utilize data. removes information asymmetry in private markets by providing an immutable trust in the current state of an asset and gives owners the ability to control & monetize their data.

Asset Owners Become Effective Data Owners

Own your data, commute trust in the market
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Data Quality leverages blockchains to improve data retention and create an immutable record of all raw documents and extracted data elements using an encrypted hash. Distributed ledger technology allows the data to be anchored on a distributed set of servers that automatically reconcile and sync to each other. This ensures real-time accuracy between all extracted data elements and their source documents.
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Auditable Data Trail

Our patented blockchain technology provides an immutable audit trail of the source documents, data elements, and 3rd party usage. Owners of private data maintain data sovereignity and are given full control over who, when, and where others may access and use their data. Extracted data elements maintain click-through observability to the source documentation for permissioned access by auditors, bankers, and compliance officers.
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Automated Processes

Reduce costs, manage efficient processes, and prevent data leaks through enhanced cybersecurity measures. Extracted data elements are handled by robotic process automation to ensure timely completion of asset and process specific workflows:

  • Automate repeatable tasks
  • Track and monitor performance
  • Validate maintenance and condition of asset
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Capital Optimization

Moving assets from Level 3 to Level 2 improves capital adequacy ratios and increases investing flexibility:

Observable inputs, in-period comps, and sophisticated model applied by independent, 3rd Party valuation professionals

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Data Organization

Create and manage documents through our virtual data room linked to the bespoke data sources and file systems that inform the performance, and value of your assets:

  • Enables future due diligence and performance reporting
  • Intuitive user interface provides fast access to golden copy of source documents
$ 50
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