Inveniam maximizes liquidity of private market assets

Through data integrity, price discovery and the digitization of assets, Inveniam connects Asset Owners, Valuation Firms, and Investors with all participants in the digital ecosystem to maximize asset value and liquidity.

Inveniam maximizes liquidity of private market assets
Introducing Inveniam.io

Through data integrity, price discovery and the digitization of assets, Inveniam connects asset owners, valuation firms, and investors with all participants in the digital ecosystem to maximize asset value and liquidity.

  1. Real time pricing; Fair Market Value (FMV)
  2. More liquidity and capital efficiency
  3. Broader, better distribution
Liquidity Opportunities

Frequent valuations provide opportunities for better accounting treatment unlocking buyers and capital market opportunities:

  1. Better custody and sending solutions
  2. Tracking stocks to increase value on balance sheet for single asset
  3. Structured financial instruments to unlock value on balance sheet
Process Efficiency

Customize deal or property management workflow to ensure timely completion:

  1. Automate repeatable tasks
  2. Track and monitor performance
  3. Validate maintenance and condition of asset

Hash evidence of performance digitally to blockchain making them immutable and one source of truth:

  1. Operational, experiential, legal, and financial
  2. Artifacts, actions (processes), and identity of actors
Capital Optimization

Moving assets from Level 3 to Level 2 improves capital adequacy ratios and increases investing flexibility

Data Organization

Customers can utilize data room to organize all building documents to enable future due diligence and performance reporting


Users can track all deal correspondence providing audit trail of all transactions:

  1. Integrated chat capture
  2. Immutable and auditable

Transforming the Capital Markets

Inveniam has built software that facilitates liquidity of private market assets with a focus on private equity and commercial real estate. Inveniam.io enables owners to maintain privacy, organize and control their data in a manner that informs price discovery and valuation by third party experts. Inveniam.io facilitates liquidity and valuation by preserving integrity and provenance or origin of asset data proving it has not been altered. Trusted data is essential to being able to buy and sell private market assets.

Through use of Inveniam.io, information regarding the value of private market assets is always current, “ready for sale”. Inveniam.io is the operating system of the entire digital ecosystem being built to foster public-like performance of private market assets.

Understanding the True Value of Your Assets Today

Inveniam Advisor Allen R. Weiss explains how data integrity and price discovery enable public and private companies to quickly know the true value of their assets at any time.

Inveniam Provides a Unique Blockchain Solution

Inveniam Advisor Dr. Richard Swart, PhD believes Inveniam’s unique solution is the first to capture a universal tokenization architecture that can be applied across the securities market.

The Digital Private Markets
have arrived.

Major global capital market players are funding innovation that will disrupt the current markets, bringing data integrity through transparency, immutability and auditability, as well as price discovery, which opens the door for broader market participation and new investors, as well as new capital market products and new service offerings from those already in the markets. These innovators will choose Inveniam for this data integrity and price discovery

How Can We Help You?

The move into digital commerce affects nearly every industry. Our SaaS platform, Inveniam.io, is the bridge to a digital future for data-rich low frequency trading assets. Contact our team and see how we can help you.