By: Michael Nadeau , Director of Ecosystem Strategy, Inveniam

Forgive me for the humble brag, but when I officially moved full-time into the blockchain industry less than 9 months ago, I definitely did not foresee myself moderating a panel on the same stage that the Mayor of Miami and NYC occupied one day earlier.

My story isn’t unique and it’s one of my favorite things about our industry: everyone operates on a level, merit-based playing field. There are no “experts.” There are no corporate hierarchies or middle managers. I have yet to see someone occupying an office and counting down the days to retirement.

You get to create your own path in this industry. But you also have to be willing to swallow some risk. No risk. No reward.

Our panel covered the importance of ecosystem and interoperability as the industry scales and we clear the path for liquid trading of private market assets and the growth of DeFi.

Ecosystem is sort of an abstract term to have in your job title. I’m pretty sure many of my friends and family have no clue what I do for a living.

But when you are scaling a business within an emerging decentralized data architecture/tech stack, ecosystem is incredibly important.

At Inveniam, we take pride in occupying the base data layer of this emerging tech stack for private market assets. We have no interest in building a closed solution or network to achieve our goals of liquid trading of private market assets. We would rather build on public blockchains, focus on the data layer, and build strategic partnerships: where 1+1 = 3 for our customers.

We believe we’ve accomplished this with our recent ecosystem partners including Tokeny (tokenization partner), and Chainlink Labs (data oracle partner). More announcements are coming as we’re just getting started.

Huge thanks to Luc Falempin from Tokeny and Jennifer Vancini from Mighty Capital for sharing their insights with us in Miami.

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