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Protecting the value of real estate portfolios in every market.

The real estate industry has not kept pace with the megatrend to digital commerce. The diligence required to make a sale takes too long and achieving real-time pricing has not been possible.

In this time of uncertainty, having bullet-proof, real-time data integrity on your assets performance can help protect the value of your real estate portfolio. That is exactly what Inveniam’s software delivers.

The Digital Reality for CRE

Inveniam is the bridge to a digital market for CRE. Using big data, blockchain and AI, we:

  • Utilize vast amounts of information and turn it into useful data, that we connect to
  • A digital proof of ownership for real estate assets, informed by asset performance, and
  • Provide data integrity and monthly pricing of real estate updated by a significantly larger data set of comparable transactions to more accurately reflect value in a market with no bids.

Data is notarized, indexed (to be searchable), fielded (to facilitate comparative value and comparative performance), and validated, together these are data that is Verified by Inveniam.

This process makes real-time pricing possible, with fully observable inputs for private, illiquid trading assets like CRE. This allows you to:

  • Speed up diligence
  • Properly price assets, even in a market with no bids
  • Engage a broader market to find the right buyers

Moving “Level 3” CRE assets to “Level 2”

Inveniam’s pricing function enables FASB 157 (ASC 820/IFRS 13) accounting reclassification of Level 3 assets to Level 2. This provides significant, immediate ROI by:

  • Dramatically improving capital adequacy ratios
  • Increasing available operating capital
  • Substantially decreasing borrowing costs:
  • Unlocking value
  • Increasing book value

Inveniam has created the bridge to a CRE digital reality. With software, we:

  • Have completed 14 transactions in the low 9-figures (USD) on version 1.0
  • Started monthly pricing of real estate in Q1, 2020
  • Are positioned to have 12 – 15 buildings pricing monthly with version 2.0 by end of 2Q 2020, with an aggregate value of ~$700 million

Public-like trading of your private assets

Using, CRE firms will drive the move towards active secondary markets for digitized assets. These digitized securities allow capital to flow more efficiently, providing “Public like” trading and performance of private CRE assets:

  • Timely and accurate risk quantification
  • Surety of data
  • Broad marketing of assets
  • Eliminating long time periods of diligence for finalizing sales

A Brief Tour of the Platform:

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