#033: Bringing Global Distribution to Private Markets

Private markets are the biggest on the planet, representing trillions of dollars of assets. But they often lack the transparency investors have come to expect from public markets. Inter-dealer brokers bridge that gap by providing pricing, liquidity, and privacy for buyers and sellers, but they’ve struggled to keep pace with the latest innovations in digitization and tokenization.

Enter INVENIAM.io, the data operating system for delivering access, transparency, and trust in the value and performance of private market assets. Inveniam is helping asset owners and managers credential their documents, extract their data, and deliver their trusted data into third-party tools like ARGUS, iLEVEL, eFront, and more. Trusted data verified by Inveniam also enhances the offerings from our ecosystem partners like Tokeny, Ownera, Oasis Pro Markets, and more.

Today, we’re sharing a recent conversation from Digital Assets Week Singapore featuring (along with our host Chris Berg):

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