By: Michael Nadeau, Director of Ecosystem Strategy

Cathie Wood and Ark Invest are forecasting productivity growth “like we have never seen before in history” this decade.

The thesis?

The convergence of multiple disruptive technologies at one time has only happened once before in history: the early 1900’s. Back then we saw the invention of automobiles, the telephone, and electricity.

The forecast:

In 2019 the market cap of the major disruptive tech (blockchain, ai, robotics, energy storage, and genome sequencing) was $7 trillion. This makes up about 10% of global equities at the time.

Just one year later that number jumped to $14 trillion.

In 5-10 years, Ark is forecasting this number to jump to $100 trillion.

Wrights Law and Moore’s Law are the guiding hand for this research.

The winners: those that can forecast this exponential growth and get ahead of it.

The losers: those that assume the status quo will continue to persist.

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