By: Michael Nadeau, Director of Ecosystem Strategy
  1. The Ethereum merge to proof of stake is setting up to be one of the most important moments in the history of crypto.

The investing community is bullish on the merge for a few reasons:

  1. Ethereum will become “ESG friendly” by reducing energy consumption by more than 99%
  2. Ethereum will become a yield-generating asset for those that wish to stake their holdings to validate transactions
  3. Ethereum’s monetary policy will change such that new block issuance of ETH could drop below the amount of ETH being burned (EIP 1559) — resulting in 3 Bitcoin halvings at once

Meanwhile, developers, ecosystem entities, and the tech community at large are watching with bated breath to see if a decentralized community of builders can execute on their roadmap (after many delays).

The stakes are incredibly high. But this doesn’t come without risk:

The bottom line is this is a big moment for Ethereum and a big moment for crypto at large.

But we should also acknowledge that there are trade-offs to everything. In life. And in crypto.

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