#028: Building Better Investments in Latin America With Better Data

Inveniam, Managing Director, Brazil & Peru, Marson Cunha is taking a closer look at the data–and the role it is playing in further opening up investment opportunities in Latin America.

After a career in banking and real estate, Mr. Cunha quickly understood the value prop of Inveniam and the Inveniam.io data operating system. Now, as the Managing Director, Lead in Brazil and Peru, Mr. Cunha shares how Inveniam.io, as the trusted data architecture for private markets, is further bridging the gap between emerging markets and developed markets.

Some of the topics covered, include:

•Trusted data for better risk-return ratio calculations

•Alleviating pain points for Fund Admins. in Brazil

•US & Brazil REIT Markets

•Brazilian Companies (Inveniam use cases)