#023: Key Insights on Broker-dealer Infrastructure & ATSs in Private Market Digital Securities

Rialto Markets is a Finra-registered broker-dealer and SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (ATS) focused on private market digital securities. In this episode, Rialto Markets, CEO & Founder, Shari Noonan talks about the ways in which Rialto Markets is providing greater value, liquidity, and infrastructure for retail-facing issuers.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry, Mrs. Noonan is able to effortlessly move between detailing Rialto Markets’ story and speaking to the impact that her company’s innovation is having within the larger market narrative.

Some topics covered, include:
•Assessing risk in today’s market
•The evolution of capital markets crowdfunding
•Overview of Rialto’s value prop and process
•Discussion on ATSs
•The expanding Private Market landscape
•The importance of having real-time access to data associated with securities