Yesterday the WSJ revealed the recent SolarWinds cyber-security attack caused breaches “at U.S. government agencies; U.S. technology and accounting companies, at least one hospital and a university.”

From the report: “Customers are definitely freaking out,” said David Kennedy, whose company, TrustedSec, is investigating the hack. For many companies, the concern is whether the attackers stole data or remain undetected within corporate networks, he said. What’s more, because the attack dates back many months, some companies may no longer have the forensic data needed to do a complete investigation.”

Who owns your data and where is it? This is the question of our times. ‘Data is the new oil’…the distributed data economy is coming and with it we will need permissioned access to verified private data. #Inveniam

The Journal: “Some organizations that maintain better records of activity on their systems will likely be able to determine whether somebody walked through the Russian backdoor onto their networks, said a co-founder of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. But for others, especially smaller or midsize companies, it will be a difficult & expensive task many are likely to ignore—meaning Russia could maintain a presence in some networks indefinitely.”

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