The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, believes we’re entering “Crypto Spring”. His company announced recently a tip system for journalists on the Ethereum blockchain.

From reports: “Alongside this comes significant attention at the integration of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream world. Furthermore, investment firms, crypto companies, and crypto exchanges are all vying to leave their mark with this newly discovered technology.

Alexis Ohanian, (and married to Serena, see picture below), was an early investor in Coinbase. He believes this is leading up to a “crypto spring” event. “Ohanian explained he actively tries not to track prices, as he says he can’t predict anything in that area. However, Ohanian felt safe to say there was a definitive crypto spring currently happening due to the top-tier product developers, engineers, and designers within the crypto space. These people are developing real solutions within the blockchains the world has to offer.”

While the mainstream attention on the price of digital assets is understandable, we concur that long-term value can only be derived from enterprise usage of distributed ledger tech. At Inveniam, our data integrity & price discovery software cannot exist without the blockchain. Mr. Ohanian’s comments are spot on.

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