Waterfall as a Service (WaaS)

WaaS & Investor Calculation Certification

Customized to asset owners’ needs, the invenim.io platform delivers complete transparency around investor calculations. Inveniam’s automated workflow engine uploads, extracts, calculates reports (and statements) and then links them back to the source documents.

Throughout the process, Inveniam.io credentials and verifies all data waterfall calculations to create completely transparent and more efficient workflows.
Waterfall as a Service

Waterfall-as-a-Service (WaaS): A Proof of Process

Credential governing documents

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– Offering memorandum
– Partnership agreement
– Amendments
– Service agreements
– Regulatory, taxes and other fees

Creating workflows unique to particular fund

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Detail and automate actions for fund operations

Develop cash flow model

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Profile investor to calculate management and incentive fees, and expense allocations

Process capital events and expenses

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– Pay management fees – Pay incentive fees – Expense disbursements – Capital distributions

Provide clarity and transparency around fund operations

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– Quickly confirm data elements extracted from capital notices and other documents are accurate – Complete flow of funds audit trail to managers and investors

Provide a basis for reconciling fund performance

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Substantiate performance results

Case Study

Large General Partner with billion dollar investment portfolio onboards Waterfall as a Service

Client Challenges

Difficult to track capital calls, distributions and cap tables of all investments in portfolio

Difficult to trace how transactions led to distributions

Human errors in the fund administration process that are note easily reconcilable

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Improves fund administration process for administrators, and GPs/LPs by using smart contracts via blockchain to reduce time spent processing and lower costs.


GPs/LPs receive a model of transactions showing distribution flows
Detailed audit trail from every distribution notice to investors
All investor notices tied to LPAs and side letters


Automation lowers costs by reducing hours spent processing documents by 60%
Greater transparency forGPs, LPs and auditors
Reduction in risk with fewer errors and audit trail