Thank you to the Wall Street Journal for the implicit plug of Inveniam software in an article entitled: “For Pensions, Valuing Real Estate Is Tough. Covid-19 Brings New Hurdles — With Covid-19 & the dramatic slowdown in deal making, investors are finding it more difficult to calculate the value of real-estate holdings”

Indeed. Which is why our SaaS solution validates and makes high-functioning the data commercial real-estate owners sit atop of, in order to unlock underlying value from balance sheets. As WSJ writes: “How assets are valued has major consequences for the nation’s pensions.

Figuring out what privately held assets are worth is always been harder than with publicly traded stocks and bonds. Specialists come up with opinions on value by looking at how similar assets trade and forecasting how much cash these investments can generate.”

Big Data has made that easier, if you have good data, but the pandemic has made that an imperative.

“Deal making has slowed dramatically, giving investors fewer templates to price assets…”

We need new models (which will develop over time) and real-time (“better”) data… #Inveniam

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