Business Insider illustrates how real-estate behemoth CBRE has an “unparalleled” amount of data, & how it’s putting it to good use. This is music to our ears. From BI: “Data has permeated every part of the real estate value chain, from capital markets to construction, and is influencing how business is done. Landlords are even using motion sensors in offices to collect data and monitor social distancing in the workplace. CBRE, as the largest real estate services firm in the world, has potentially the biggest cache of real estate data out of any company in the world.”

Says a senior CBRE exec: “We operate at a massive scale, we manage 7 billion square feet of real estate & we process over $400 billion in transaction volume,”said a CBRE staffer in an interview. “So we have access to unparalleled data, & we want to continue to mine that data.”

BI: “CBRE & real estate as a whole are still in the early days of where data can take people. The challenge isn’t so much the collection of data, of which there is plenty, but learning how to use the data in a productive way.” Inveniam is built on this single premise. We validate data on illiquid assets like CRE to provide greater transparency, liquidity and benchmarking. And, clearly, we’re not alone with this vision. #VerifiedByInveniam

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