Valuation as a Service (VaaS)

Delivering real-time trusted data

Valuation as a Service empowers asset owners, investors, and service providers by leveraging patented blockchain and AI technologies to facilitate trust and create enormous business efficiencies. Inveniam’s real-time data extract prove underlying asset performance and create greater price discovery through more frequent valuations and third-party marks.
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Software Functionality

Credential documents to commute trust

Utilize blockchain to ensure documents have not been altered without consent

Valuation as a Service (VaaS)
  • Regular CRE appraisals and PE valuation marks
  • Receive updated independent valuations on regular basis
  • Hold assets at Fair Market Value
Full Data Auditability
  • Connect from appraisal to source documents to ensure data integrity
Higher Functioning Data
  • Make data observable with asset owner’s permission
  • Fully clickable audit trail allows ensure accuracy

Automate data extraction

Workflows help managers streamline daily tasks

AI Assist enhances automation
  • Extract data from unstructured documents
  • Make data interoperable
  • Analyze complicated documents in record time
Workflows connect people across internal and external teams
  • Communicate tasks, responsible parties, deadlines, and more
  • Sync data directly through workflow cards
  • Manage complex relationships
Source documents to remain with asset owners
  • Keep track of activity history for every file and extracted data element
  • Verify each document is “Golden Copy”
  • Asset owner maintains ownership of data

Maximize asset value

Transparent and trusted data improves asset values

Drive increased value
  • Enhance business decision capabilities
  • Improve scenario analysis capabilities
  • Maximize price potential
Increase asset management efficiency
  • Spend less time managing documents and entering data
  • Spend more time making decisions that enhance portfolio
Assets always “sale-ready”
  • Due diligence materials compiled in client data systems
  • Keep track of who has accessed or modified files
  • Faster closing with lower marketing and due diligence costs
  • Prevent re-trades

Case Study

Asset manager with multi-trillion assets under management implements Valuation as a Service solution

Client Challenges

13 properties in closed-end equity CRE portfolio appraised once per year and cost $16,000 each ($208,000 total)

Thousands of hours spent managing data for outside appraisals

Facing regulatory pressure to use 3rd party valuations

Improves valuation process by using AI and blockchain to enhance efficiencies and lower costs associated with normalizing and delivering private data.


Utilizing the Inveniam platform allows for a substantial decrease in appraisal prices. Total cost savings to Asset owner was >35%
Easy to use Inveniam summary reports provides appraisal outputs linked to inputs from source documents creating immutable audit trail and full transparency

Oversight, risk, and portfolio management all improved

Assets are “ready for sale” consistently repriced and reclassified on client’s balance sheet


Speed in onboarding with minimal friction bringing assets on platform
Client achieved ROI >100% on valuation process
Reduced internal valuation management costs and increased efficiencies, transparency, and auditability
Ahead of the curve for future regulation on frequent marking of private assets