Deloitte penned an excellent piece on “Digital transformation through the lens of COVID-19”. The Big 4 accounting leader touched on ‘Acute Disruption’: “The acute disruption brought on by COVID-19 seems to have greatly reduced the resistance to experimenting & taking risks. Ben Waber, president of people analytics company Humanyze, notes he has been astonished at the extent executives operating during COVID-19 have been willing to try new things without necessarily being certain of the outcome. Adaptability as an organizational health indicator, particularly during rapid change, can help to support a successful workplace environment. Acute disruption has also given greater free reign to innovators within companies.” Further: “We expect companies that emerge stronger from the crisis are those that innovate through it, using the current crisis as an opportunity to digitally transform their company. 75% of CEOs indicate the crisis has created significant opportunities for their companies. It’s important for companies to critically reflect on what is better about the working environment & what isn’t, retaining the former & abandoning the latter when a return to normalcy is possible.”

Data will be more transformative on private markets than previously imagined. #Inveniam

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