Yesterday in Switzerland SEBA and Sygnum tokenized assets under a new regulation that just took effect. As Coindesk reports: “Switzerland now lets tokenized securities trade on a blockchain with the same legal standing as traditional assets. The new law went into effect Monday. The distributed ledger technology amendments recognize tokenized securities as a new class of asset, whose legal ownership rights are automatically transferred via the blockchain to each new investor. Says a local Swiss attorney: “With these new registered rights, it’s clear that you have legal certainty.”

Adds the OECD: “One of the key areas of the Swiss proposal is the amendment of securities law to provide a secure legal basis for the trading of rights through electronic registers. Finally, it plans the establishment of a new authorization category for DLT trading systems in financial market infrastructure law, thereby creating a flexible legal framework for new forms of financial market infrastructure.”

When Inveniam is asked for the operating system we are built upon, we answer the Chancery Court of Delaware. The tokenization of private market assets will transform finance in years ahead & be governed, like the Swiss model, using existing legal frameworks.

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