Imagine how history books will read 100 years from now about NASA’s “…small but intrepid drone became the first powered craft to fly on another world.”

Another world … Wow.

From the WSJ: “Overcoming extreme cold, dangerously thin air and flawed flight software, the $85 million autonomous copter spun its twin carbon fiber rotor blades to rise about 10 feet into the thin Martian air. As flight data streamed from Ingenuity to Earth Monday, mission engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California cheered & clapped. “It’s real; it’s real,” said Ingenuity project manager MiMi Aung, slapping the table in front of her with glee and showing a thumbs-up. “We can now say human beings have flown a drone on another planet.”

Those who change the world push the limits of what is imagined, making the impossible real. Sometimes we need daily reminders of how outer boundaries may be stretched. Today we got one.

The WSJ: “Barring the unforeseen, NASA engineers will attempt to launch Ingenuity on its 2nd flight in about 4 days, then conduct one additional flight every 3 days. “We will be taking bolder & bolder flights,” Ms. Aung said. “We are going to be very adventurous.” Those who want to reshape the markets must do the same. Think big, and act. #Inveniam

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