Great leadership by Apex Group Ltd. CEO & Founder Peter Hughes on the link between ESG, private markets, transparency, & data. Mr. Hughes writes: “It’s time for private markets to step up to & help our economies, societies & environment recover post-pandemic. As private companies, we have the power & responsibility to make a difference. Private companies make up more than 90% of global business & the typical characteristics of private equity, such as the ownership of majority stakes, long-term investment cycles & direct lines into the management team, mean there is a huge opportunity to affect material behavioral change & drive capital towards a sustainable recovery. A commitment to environmental, social & governance (ESG) concerns does not require a profit or growth sacrifice for private equity – quite the opposite. The clue is in the name: private. Funds have traditionally been reluctant to measure, report & disclose both financial & non-financial metrics. But the perceived dichotomy between private equity and ESG has been dispelled. In time, we expect every equity & debt investment will be made based on the ESG criteria of the company with financial performance becoming a secondary consideration.”

The ESG winds are changing. Better data, real-time data is key. #Inveniam #ESG

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