The WSJ highlights weakness in parts of the U.S. rental market nationally in the wake of Covid. Excerpts: “A large number of renters have been unable to pay some or even all of their rent since March, when the pandemic temporarily shut down most businesses. Many businesses remain closed or only partially open, pushing renters into unemployment & draining their savings.

Estimates of total outstanding rent debt vary widely. Yet by any measure, the fallout from missed rent payments is bound to imperil a large swath of the U.S. population & wash over the broader economy.”

Surely, this only tells part of the story. Some markets are unaffected or booming in the unusual economy 2020 has wrought. The only way to differentiate the good from the bad is better, real-time data not compromised, manipulated or skewed. Inveniam software achieves & accomplishes all of this. The net result is property owners are in a far better position to negotiate more economical borrowing costs when they are equipped with facts pertaining to their unique assets, and not thrown into the mosh pit alongside everyone else.

The data economy is upon us, and those with the best information at their fingertips are winning & will continue to do so. #Inveniam

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