Our Team

Inveniam is a SaaS company providing data integrity and price discovery for low-frequency trading assets (including CRE and high-yield & municipal bonds), using big data, AI and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Led by a highly skilled and experienced team of financial and technology professionals, Inveniam is providing the foundation for the digitization of the Private Markets. Our work digitally certifying, validating, and indexing mountains of data will allow real-time pricing of private, seldom traded assets as well as more precise risk management and other quantitative driven investment strategies into the private markets.

The Inveniam Team

Board of Advisors

Dev.Pro Team

Inveniam is proud to partner with Dev.Pro and their outstanding team of coding, development and management professionals.

This partnership aligns with our ongoing efforts to make Inveniam.io a powerful tool to assist capital market professionals as they digitize securities utilizing the power of DLT to model securities as data, not code.

Since our founding, Inveniam has been developing our own proprietary technology and partnering with 3rd parties. In early 2019 we began a partnership with Dev.Pro in creating version 2.0 of our state-of-the-art SaaS platform, Inveniam.io.