empowers Asset Owners Asset Managers Investors Valuation Providers Fund Administrators Real Estate Developers Broker/Dealers Equity Marketplace Regulated ATS Exchanges Lenders Borrowers Digital Custodians is the first platform of its kind – an operating system for data that demands trust. We leverage patented Distributed Ledger, or Blockchain Technology, to provide an immutable audit trail of the source documents, data values, and the outcomes powered by the digital use of that data. And we embrace Web3, ensuring that owners of private data are sovereign, in full control over who, when, and where others may access and use that data.

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Data operating system for private market data

Allowing owners to credential documents and data, and manage access to private asset data for investors and service providers

Valuation as a Service (VaaS)

Evergreen performance data • on-demand use • unlock liquidity now and tomorrow

Waterfall as a Service (WaaS)

Fully observable investor calculations to support capital calls, distributions, allocations, and management fees

Capital Notices Processing

Fast, error-free capture of portfolio investment notices and corporate actions

AI Assist Pro

AI assisted extraction of data from unstructured source documents and systems

The Hub

Blockchain integration as a service • chain agnostic • multi-chain capabilities

Private Market Path to Liquidity

Delivering the trusted data to support enhanced liquidity for private market assets, transforming traditional and decentralized financial services