Excellent insights from Commercial Cafe Q&A, “Your Commercial Real Estate Blog”.

“Question: Commercial Cafe: How have you seen the industry evolve in the past years you’ve been involved in it? Where do you see it going in the future?

Answer: Francisco Acoba, managing director of Deloitte Consulting: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is increasingly top of mind for leaders across industries. Robotic process automation (RPA), for example, is changing how businesses are run. It will soon do the same for corporate real estate (CRE) and facilities management (FM) organizations.

Thanks in part to other enabling functions, which are already leveraging RPA to impact both cost and quality across large scale deployments, CRE & FM organizations can become “fast followers” in the RPA movement.

RPA has the potential to create a significant shift in an organization’s cost structure while improving responsiveness to internal client demands.

As part of a broader journey, RPA may also lead CRE and FM organizations to use analytics and machine learning capabilities, leveraging data from across the enterprise to improve operations, occupancy levels, service delivery, & workplace experience.”

It isn’t ‘MAY’ lead, it is ‘WILL’ lead CRE analytics…it is already happening. #VerifiedByInveniam

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