“Robotic Process Automation” is a term you may be unfamiliar for commercial real estate – but not for long.

From the blog Propmodo: “Can process automation help in the complex world of commercial real estate? Is there enough publicly available data to make process automation consistent and dependable?”

In a word, yes. Inveniam software is built and ready for deployment to collect almost limitless amounts of data to have nearly-constant pricing on a skyscraper’s true worth.

We won’t know for years the impact COVID-19 will have on commercial real estate, but owners of those assets don’t have unlimited time to wait. They need answers real time on valuations, and our software gives them data at their fingertips to make informed decisions & stay one step ahead of the competition. Propmodo concludes: “It is fascinating to think companies like Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook, who are all using process automation and growing and disrupting at extraordinary rates, are really known to be technology companies and not necessarily retail, hospitality or media companies. What companies will disrupt the commercial real estate industry with their use of process automation, and will they be best known to be real estate companies, or technology companies?” We have an answer: Inveniam.

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