It’s been a wild 6 months at Inveniam as our road map unexpectedly accelerated. The pandemic changed mindsets, corporate plans & ideologies. Big data has been ushered in as the next big thing – faster than ever. This year our senior management team will meet (in person and via video) in our Northville, Michigan office instead of the World Trade Center in NYC. We will map strategy into 2021 in the three story skyscraper on the left side of the street.

A recent McKinsey report summarizes today’s perspective: “Indeed, recent data show that we have vaulted 5 years forward in consumer & business digital adoption in a matter of around 8 weeks. Banks have transitioned to remote sales & service teams & launched digital outreach to customers to make flexible payment arrangements for loans & mortgages. Grocery stores have shifted to online ordering & delivery as primary business. Schools in many locales have pivoted to 100% online learning. Doctors have begun delivering telemedicine. Manufacturers are developing plans for “lights out” factories & supply chains.” The list goes on.

Quickly pivoting a business’s focus to address these changes will be critical for a successful recovery. Trusted real-time data & rebuilt models will be essential to operational decisions.”#VerifiedByInveniam

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