#SoundDefi Podcast

The narrative of blockchain – all things crypto, digital assets, and Web3 – is being written from the front edge of decentralized finance. The #SoundDefi Podcast is the place where this story will unfold, in real-time. Join us each week for the interviews, insights, conversations, research, individuals, and companies that are driving the growth of today’s decentralized ecosystem.

#006 Women in Blockchain: Perspectives on the realities of Web3

Women In Blockchain

Recorded live from #Data3ForWeb3, and an important acknowledgment of Women’s History Month, Sound DeFi host, Chris Berg, sat down with an exceptional panel of women that are leading from the front edge of crypto, blockchain, DeFi, and digital assets. Covering a range of topics from DAOs and real estate on the blockchain to Data NFTS and other emerging technologies, these women give voice and a fresh perspective on the real business of Web3.

Featuring Inveniam Asset Management, CEO, Jeanette Spaulding; LibertyRoad Capital, COO & Founder, Anna Dinescu; Oasis Pro Markets, Chief regulatory & Compliance Officer, Renuka Gupta; SolidBlock,CEO & Co-Founder, Yael Tamar; and Amberdata, Account Executive, Lauren Richmond.

#005: Mike Komaransky from Data3 for Web3 Conference

Episode 5 Mike Komaransky

Recorded live from the Data3 For Web3 Conference in Miami, Sound DeFi host, Chris Berg, sits down with Mike Komaransky, a long-time cryptocurrency advocate and director of Grapefruit Trading, a cryptocurrency trading company specializing in over-the-counter trading.

Covering a range of topics, Mike shares insights on the ever-evolving landscape of crypto and fiat currencies (and even offers some clues on a theory regarding Satoshi’s real identity).

Mike’s lighthearted, open and authentic views on crypto make this a must-listen for crypto-enthusiast and anyone who is generally curious to learn more about new ways of approaching and seeing cryptocurrencies.

#004: Patrick O’Meara from Data3 for Web3 Conference

Episode 004 Pat O'Meara

Inveniam, Chairman & CEO, Patrick O’Meara connects–live from the Data3 For Web3 conference in Miami–with Sound DeFi host, Chris Berg.

In this episode, Pat recaps his opening remarks from the Data3 For Web3 conference and sets a vision for the ways in which trusted digital asset data will provide the architecture for the global trading of private market assets.

#003: The Real World Applications of Blockchain with Jay Smith and Michael Creadon

DeFi Devs, V.P. of Business Development, Jay Smith joins DeFi Devs, President, Michael Creadon in an engaging conversation about blockchain, blockchain pain points and new blockchain technologies that will be offering real world solutions to businesses across capital, private and decentralized markets.

Sound DeFi: Episode #002 – Michael Creadon

Michael Creadon Episode 2

DeFi Devs, President, Michael Creadon joins Scott Hennen on this episode of Sound DeFi. With a wealth of experience in traditional finance and journalism, Michael Creadon brings a practical and easy-to-understand perspective to some, typically, complex ideas around decentralization, tokenized assets, blockchain technology, and digital assets.

For the companies and individuals that are beginning to explore and want to know more about the distributed data economy, this episode with Michael Creadon is great place to start.

Sound DeFi: Episode #001 – Pat O’Meara

Episode 1 featuring Pat O'Meara

In this episode, Scott Hennen talks with Inveniam CEO and Chairman, Patrick O’Meara about the role that Inveniam and the inveniam.io data operating system are playing in facilitating greater liquidity and monetization opportunities of private market assets. From data asymmetry to owner-controlled data, Pat shares key insights on how trusted and credentialed data are foundational to building a global distributed data economy.