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The narrative of blockchain – all things crypto, digital assets, and Web3 – is being written from the front edge of decentralized finance. The  Sound DeFi Podcast is the place where this story will unfold, in real-time. Join us each week for the interviews, insights, conversations, research, individuals, and companies that are driving the growth of today’s decentralized ecosystem.

#021: Inveniam “IT”–How Trusted Data Architecture is Transforming Private Markets

#021: Inveniam "IT"--How Trusted Data Architecture is Transforming Private Markets

Inveniam, Managing Director, Real Estate Services, Samuel Grossman walks through the key client benefits offered by From solving workflow inefficiencies and taking friction out of transactions to utilizing trusted blockchain technology and supporting the tokenization process, Mr. Grossman walks through the data operating system that is creating better data, better value, and better decisions for asset owners across real estate, private markets, and the DeFi ecosystem.

#20: How Tokenization works in DeFi

#20: How Tokenization works in DeFi

Daniel Coheur, Co-Founder & COO of Tokeny Solutions, shares his insights and expertise on all-things tokenization. Drawing on years of experience building Tokeny’s business and working with digital assets, Mr. Coheur is able to break down large tokenization and DeFi themes into easy-to-understand real-world applications and examples.

Some of the topics covered:
•Overview of blockchain and tokenization concepts
•Bridging TradFi & DeFi
•Regulation in decentralized finance
•The evolution from Web 2 to Web3
•The role of trusted data in tokenization and DeFi ecosystem

#019: Inflation vs Innovation across Crypto and Decentralized Finance

#019: Inflation vs Innovation across Crypto and Decentralized Finance

Inveniam, Chairman & CEO, Patrick O’Meara provides insights on the current inflation and recessionary pressures and the role that tech innovation, and tokenization play in creating new growth opportunities in digital assets and decentralized finance.

#018: Pat O’Meara on partnership with Rialto Markets & the making of a DeFi ecosystem

#018: Pat O'Meara Rialto Partnership Announcement

Inveniam, Chairman & CEO, Patrick O’Meara speaks to the announcement of Inveniam’s capital investment in Rialto Markets, and how this partnership illustrates the essential components of a decentralized ecosystem that is being built via companies from across all disciplines and services sectors of decentralized finance and private markets.

Mr. O’Meara speaks to several factors relating to current economic conditions and highlights many of the deeper economic opportunities that are being created through digital assets and paths to greater liquidity for private market assets.

#017: A Security Tokens Overview

#017: A Security Tokens Overview

The future of security tokens is now. INX, Chief Business Officer, Douglas Borthwick brings a wealth of knowledge, insights and firsthand experience to an extremely informative conversation that explores the various roles and potential applications of digital securities in secondary markets.

Themes covered:

The importance of educating the market on new products and the ability of what the new products represent.

Fractionalized ownership of assets

24/7, 365 trading of assets

The democratization of finance

#016: Leveraging Observable Data for High Yield Bonds & Real Estate-The Path Forward

#016: Leveraging Observable Data for High Yield Bonds & Real Estate-The Path Forward

Deloitte, Audit & Assurance Partner, Ashok Parmar; Vertalo Real Estate, President, Gary Brandeis; and Inveniam, Managing Director of Public Policy, Clifford A. Lipscomb discuss themes around reclassifying real estate assets from Level 3 to Level 2, and how credentialed and verified data is seeking bringing cohesion between appraiser valuations and how that relates to the accounting work that leads to audited financials.