Tyler Winklevoss & Cameron Winklevoss predicted (see interview in comments below) bitcoin will soar 30-fold in coming years, and indicated comic books & baseball cards would move to blockchains.

We’ll leave price predictions on the world’s most important digital currency to others, but it’s the comments about private market assets moving onto the distributed ledger that are the most compelling. Tyler Winklevoss: “The comic books you grew up reading, the baseball cards you collected, those are now being put on a blockchain because people are starting to realize their physical nature is actually not a feature, it is a bug. It is not about the physical nature. It is the scarcity. It is the uniqueness.”

Inveniam shares this perspective, but it is for much more than comic books, it is Private Equity, Private Credit, and CRE and this is will move the needle today through price discovery of these level 3 assets. Verified data will transform private markets over the next decade in ways previously unimaginable.

The data asymmetry in these markets will be solved using RPA and Big Data where trust of data is commuted on chain. Inveniam is the operating system for permissioned access to private data that informs these private assets’ worth. #cretech #BTC #blockchain

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