Great article in Marker on the stunning impact COVID-19 has had on commercial real estate. As you read the piece, it becomes further evident the crucial role data validation and integrity play in determining value for real estate assets, particularly now. At Inveniam, we create software that allows large family offices, asset managers, and ultra-high net worth investors to unlock their balance sheets & maximize returns.

Excerpts: “Now, more than 2 months in, the mass work-from-home experiment has forced many businesses out of their comfort zone, pushing them to make the necessary small investments in virtual infrastructure. Many of these companies are realizing that it is not only less scary than they imagined, but their employees are actually more productive. One analysis of server activity found that workers are putting in longer workdays; imagine what that kind of productivity boost might look like when kids finally go back to school. Since the pandemic, Google’s parent company Alphabet pulled out of deals to acquire more than 2 million square feet of office space. A study by SquareFoot, which specializes in helping businesses find office space, found companies in New York City spend an average of $17,020 per employee annually on office space.”

More than ever, data matters.

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