Citi published a 108-page gem on the virtues of bitcoin as currency. For those still in denial about digital assets, DLT, & crypto please read on: “The novelty of the blockchain technology underpinning the bitcoin payment system network has been hailed as a breakthrough and a growing ecosystem of applications and use cases are emerging to validate its importance & utility. The use of Bitcoin as a censorship-resistant store of value is facilitating its expanding use as a currency: PayPal, Visa & Mastercard are now accepting it across their vast merchant networks; brand name companies such as Microstrategy & Tesla are moving parts of their corporate treasuries into BTC; charities like the American Cancer Society are accepting BTC donations; there were nearly 12,000 BTC ATMs deployed by the end of 2020; a new Visa credit card allows users to earn BTC as rewards; and more companies are beginning to accept BTC payments, including one that lets you pay for your next space voyage in BTC. Crypto exchanges that were vulnerable to technology disruptions & liquidity concerns in the 2017 rally have become far more secure.”

Each day, the drumbeat grows louder: money is changing, tech is driving a new economy. Inveniam is the operating system for data in this distributed data economy.

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