Just when you thought commercial real estate was falling apart, you see comments suggesting otherwise.

Barclay’s CEO Jes Staley made waves earlier in the year by saying: “The notion of putting 7,000 people in a building may be a thing of the past.” The company’s global headquarters is a Canary Wharf building in downtown London.

Recently, Mr. Staley modified his remarks: During the bank’s results announcement, he said it would, for example, maintain “a major presence in places like Canary Wharf”.

“We do need to get people together physically, I think, to evolve and improve your culture and collaboration,” Mr. Staley added.

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Mr. Staley: “It’s extraordinary we’re running a bank of the complexity of Barclays with over 60,000 people working from their kitchen tables. It’ll be fascinating to see how it evolves over the next couple of years.” #Inveniam

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