Upholding Human Dignity
Through Technology and Business

From the inception of their partnership in 2018, Inveniam has worked closely with JumpStart Africa to actualize and expand JSA’s mission to use micro-finance to catalyze economic growth, expand financial inclusion and alleviate poverty in under-served communities in Uganda.

“People have not looked at Africa with the possibility to offer profitable ventures and so for most people it’s mainly aid. And aid has its place, but I think the long term solution for Africa and the poverty problem is really business.”
Fred Mawanda – Founder and CEO, JumpStart Africa

An Investment in a Sustainable Future

The opportunity and vision to create sustainable charity investments is built on the inveniam.io operating system. Digitally credentialed and verified JumpStart documents, anchored to the blockchain, provides an important source of trust for investors as JSA continues to expand its business development efforts. Inveniam is currently working with financial partners to design and implement ESG investment opportunities.


A Historic First …

Meet Joseph. Joseph is the first ever recipient of a micro-enterprise loan (MEL) from JumpStart Africa. He is a building contractor and is borrowing 30M UGX (roughly $9K) to buy supplies and grow his business. This loan will also enable Joseph to change lives by hiring more employees and building more homes and businesses for his community.

In addition to their ongoing focus on some of Uganda’s most vulnerable – women and youth – Jumpstart Africa is now also addressing the frequently forgotten middle in so many of these programs, small business operators who often have few open avenues to obtain loans.