McKinsey has a timely piece on private markets. The section “A widening aperture for digital and analytics” is worth the whole report. It discusses the “transformative” role new tools in analytics and data platforms provide to LPs.

These new tools need an operating system for verified private company data to deliver on demand access. Inveniam is that operating system for private data and we have begun working with our early adopters.

McKinsey: “Digital approaches & advanced analytics are another transformative force that will shape private investing in the 2020s. New analytical tools will likely have more influence on investment decisions in some asset classes, as firms seek distinctive sources of insight. Adoption of these techniques remains fairly limited for now. Some managers have begun to embrace new techniques, while most are still figuring out how to incorporate these new tools and approaches into their investment processes. That said, only the largest and most sophisticated private market firms are starting to capture real business value from digital and analytics; most of the industry is watching from the sidelines, either unwilling to change established ways of working, unconvinced of the potential, or unable to design a path to build the desired capabilities.”

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