A “DAO” is a decentralized autonomous organization – an automated system of governance based on computer code. Rules get made by humans; computers implement those choices in an efficient manner. Keeping middle functions and removing middle men… there’s no central middle broker standing between buyers & sellers. We are creating Bank Sponsored DAOs.

The Inveniam view is private market assets represent the next frontier for DAOs. To get there, you need better real-time, trusted data on the value of underlying assets. Once you have that, auditors & accountants can transform the definition of prized assets on balance sheets leading to increased leverage, cheaper borrowing costs, & a diversified set of lenders who compete to provide financing to you.

Look at how the world’s evolved. In the past, you’d deposit cash at a bank and get a return based on the returns of the entire bank lending portfolio. Then to allow greater structuring of seniority, assets, or durations the CMBS industry came along but you were exposed to what ever was in the trust. The Inveniam DAO lets you own what you want – & construct your own CMBS. Deconstruction and decentralization of how banking is being done…granular construction of your own portfolio.

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