Inveniam is doing an #ESG proof of concept for building air quality with a Fortune 500 client. We need participants who would like their residents, tenants, patients, and/or visitors to know the quality of the air in their building versus the outside air quality, and compared to the surrounding buildings. If you are reporting on the “Environment” in ESG and would like to participate, or you merely want this for your buildings, please let us know.

We need a minimum of 5 buildings in an MSA per participant. This is built on Inveniam.IO and the data will only be accessible by those with permission — i.e., residents, patients, tenants, or visitors based on their geolocation in the building and accessing the data via an app or a QR code on the door.

If you’re a building owner and you want robust environmental data on your building, you can participate in our POC. This will be real-time reporting on the condition of the air quality of your building. Coming up next is real-time reporting on energy utilization, and carbon output.

Interested? Please contact Jeannette Spaulding or Kirsten Evans.

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