We are very old school and we are having a corporate meeting later this month in Miami. Meanwhile, “Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez recently proposed a resolution to allow municipal workers to choose whether or not they want to receive some or all of their pay in Bitcoin. In the draft of the resolution, Suarez proposed allowing city residents to pay property taxes or city fees in cryptocurrencies, according to Bloomberg. Bitcoin has proven to be a volatile cryptocurrency that can spike or lose more than 1/2 its value in a month’s time. However, Mr. Suarez supports BTC & plans to have his city manager analyze the possibility of investing a “limited amount of government funds” in it, Bloomberg reported. Miami is committed to promoting the emergence of BTC as it continues to gain mainstream acceptance,” Suarez stated.” Mayor Suarez is an Inveniam advisory board member, and we share his positive outlook on new tech in payments and digital assets.

Inveniam is a blockchain & data company. We’ve built Inveniam IO to give investors greater clarity on the value of private markets assets for commercial real estate and private equity. The intersection of Private Market data, DLT, and crypto is a good place to be…a new dawn is coming our way. Inveniam.io

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