For the 2nd straight January, the OECD has issued groundbreaking insights on digital assets. It’s fascinating to see how the OECD’s positions have evolved and to look closely at the areas of high interest to them. In 2020, their research paper on the subject was entitled: “The Tokenization of Assets and Potential Implications for Financial Markets” – a grand overview highlighting the promise, peril & parameters for digital assets. This year, the light is shined on regulation, this year’s paper is entitled: “Regulatory Approaches to the Tokenization of Assets”

The OECD writes: “As decentralized finance and markets for tokenized and crypto-assets develop and grow in size & importance, policies, regulations, supervision and enforcement will remain important to ensure that the safeguards present in traditional financial markets will equally apply in DLT-based systems and networks with a view to protect investors & financial consumers and safeguard financial stability. Importantly, international collaboration efforts and dialogue will be important given the global, cross-border nature of DLT-based transactions & securities.”

DLT shows great promise for global business; a coherent, rules-based regime will get us there. In this environment, you need verified data.

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