IBM on big data: “Today, we generate data consciously, from every item we purchase, to medical records from a visit to the doctor, to Internet searches & interactions with social networks. All of this data is captured & recorded with our implicit or explicit knowledge. However, data is also generated unconsciously, without our knowledge, as we move through the world & live our increasingly digital lives. Cellular phones generate location data, and our cars generate location & diagnostic data. In our own homes, smart meters generate data about when we heat & cool our homes, or do our laundry. Sensors like GPS in automobiles & cellular phones, cellular towers, and smart electric meters generate data without a direct action, other than living our day-to-day lives. This sensor and machine data often drives automated processes, setting off a chain reaction of processes that create even more data. For instance, smart meters allow utilities to better understand usage patterns and predict demand to prevent both unnecessary power generation & power shortages, while location data helps cellular carriers manage your phone call.”

This piece is from 2013. Look at how the data landscape has changed & transformed itself since then. Now imagine what it will look like in 2027. #Inveniam

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