One of the great public policy debates over the next few decades is the proper use of data. Who owns it, who has rights to that data? And finally: how do you protect it?

Google is a data monolith. They are in control of as much data as they want, and they’re in no hurry to give up what’s yours. From the WSJ: “Google Delays Cookie Removal to Late 2023 — Google announced Thursday it would delay its plan to scrap a widely used technology to track web-browsing habits, bending to resistance & scrutiny from the advertising industry, privacy advocates & regulators. Under the new timeline, the Alphabet Inc. unit said its Chrome internet browser will stop supporting a user-tracking technology called 3rd-party cookies by late 2023, 2 years later than its initial time frame. “While there’s considerable progress with this initiative, it’s become clear that more time is needed across the ecosystem to get this right,” Google said.”

Getting it right means 2 more years of user data being compromised and sold. A centralized data economy and giant data bases are bad. We’ve built an operating system for clients to house their own data and give permissioned access to stakeholders. The whole concept of how data is shared, used, and sold is changing. #Decentralized #Inveniam #DLT

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