ESG with out objective data is marketing with virtue signaling mixed in or just manipulation of the facts. We need objective, auditable data to track performance against clear objectives. Identification of a problem is not carte blanche for any solution, we need to have clear definitions of the problems we are solving and the solutions proposed, then we measure our progress. Same thing for businesses and ESG objectives…the pictures below are from “artisanal mining” of cobalt for Tesla batteries, this picture is from CBS news on a wrongful death lawsuit against Apple, Tesla, and Google, among others. BP’s slogan is ‘Beyond Petroleum,’ and the QR code is to download Phillip Morris’ ESG report…’Delivering a Smoke Free Future.’

BP is the 8th largest daily producer of oil at just under 2mm barrels/day. Reliable, ethical, low cost production of energy, is important, but so is the truth. Let’s weigh the cost of a reliable grid, low cost energy to developing nations, the real cost of renewable energy (including the human cost of ‘artisanal mining’), all with in a context of being a good steward for the environment.

Inveniam is partnering with corporations like Trane to provide objective data and objective #ESG benchmarks for air quality. #Inveniam, Trust in Data.

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