Securrency was founded in 2015 by a friend, Dan Doney. He was the first Chief Digital Innovation Officer of the US intelligence community. They focus on compliance, policy enforcement and interoperability of new technologies such as blockchain & smart contracts. Pretty cool stuff; and that’s why we are deeply fortunate to know them.

The Securrency team is doing amazing work and sees growth in places you might not expect. In a recent interview, they noted that Africa is a promising market for digital payments and digital assets due to its young population and because it has both high mobile-phone adoption and limited legacy infrastructure such as banking, payment systems and regulations. Kenya is high on their radar. We are doing work in Uganda with micro-enterprise loans & mobile payment.

With the digitalization of traditional assets, there are opportunities & benefits for citizens almost anywhere. A smartphone & internet access afford greater access to financial services. By leveraging the internet, rather than thousands of back-office banking systems, financial transactions are faster & cheaper, which leads to new ways of raising money for businesses and doing better for the local economy. As Securrency succinctly says: “Yes, the opportunities in Africa are huge.”

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