The data march to commercial real estate continues uninterrupted. From Business Insider: “Vornado Realty Trust began installing facial recognition systems in buildings it owns in New York City 5 years ago. The company, one of the city’s largest commercial landlords with 19 million square feet across 35 buildings, recently expanded its use of the tech to 11 buildings & plans to roll it out across its entire portfolio. Vornado believes its use of facial recognition could help it encourage tenants to return to the post-Covid workplace. Vornado execs say the company uses facial recognition responsibly, allowing tenants to opt in & out voluntarily and securing & anonymizing the data.”

CRE owners don’t want the liability of connecting you to your social security card when you walk through the turnstile, but they want to know how many times that turnstile turns. Data matters, the ability to have this data verified and controlled by the building owner, verified by Inveniam, and not sold by data aggregators is the future. A distributed data future with an eco-system where there are millions of data creators and hundreds of data validators. #VerifiedByInveniam

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