Great report by Analytics Insight on 2021 trends in Big Data. Excerpts: “Actionable Data: 2021 will see more emphasis on actionable data. This data signifies the missing connection between business propositions & big data. While a business can invest in high-end big data software & tools, data in itself is useless without analysis as it exists in excessively mind-boggling, unstructured, multi-format & voluminous form. So, businesses will focus on data analytics that help extract actionable data insights. This implies the insights mined can help make business decisions, improve organizational activities, and plan more big data use cases.

Natural Language Processing: Though NLP was initially popularized as a subset of Artificial Intelligence, it quickly evolved into expanding regular activities and business processes, from studying data to finding patterns and more. 2021 will see Natural Language Processing for instantaneous information retrieval from big data repositories. NLP prompts systems to give them the business-related insights needed to move forward. NLP further gives businesses access to sentiment analysis and strengthens brand recognition.”

Data is one of the most underutilized aspects of private assets today, and that phenomenon is about to change. #Inveniam

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