Data drives commercial real estate. Unfortunately it is processed in some very old school ways… Here’s what Two Sigma – one of the premier stat-arb hedge funds in the world – says.

“Real estate is rich in data, but nobody uses it to figure out what to buy or where to buy it,” Tom Hill, CEO of Two Sigma Real Estate told Bloomberg. “If you have predictive tools where you can forecast demand & supply, it’s powerful.” Two Sigma recently launched a group to invest in private real estate assets as the $58 billion quant firm seeks to expand its data-science expertise into private markets.

Better data can also help avoid having “your talented investment professionals bark up the wrong tree, go down dead-end alleys & waste time on non-deals,” said Mr. Hill, who built Blackstone Group Inc.’s alternative-asset management unit into one of the worlds’ largest. Data will help the firm’s investment team “inform their decision-making process & their relationship with counterparts.”

Commuting trust in data at its place of rest, and then making it interoperable and high functioning, is what we do…this will open the door to 1) Bank Sponsored DAOs, 2) Automated Investment Calculation for distribution on chain and off chain, and then wide spread capabilities for 3) two way trading of CRE.

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