“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, is a paraphrase of management guru Peter Drucker. Dinner in Miami last night with part of the team. We took temperature & coronavirus tests to enter the hotel we’re staying at, as needed for team health.

One thing we do at Inveniam on our Monday Morning call is go around the Zoom horn and check in on everyone to hear how their weekend went. In good weather times, we’ll hear about Kevin Cuddeback bike riding, Frank B. Walczak surfing (in New Jersey), Jenna Koppinger spinning DJ records, Delsean Littlejohn taking care of his dogs, Patrick Murphy running off to lacrosse tourneys, Kerry Rudy having snowballs fights with his twin daughters. By the time everyone has had a chance to speak & give updates on the health of loved ones & their drive-by excursions all around the country from Jenkintown to Phoenix to Northville to Chicago to Nashville to St. Louis, the meeting is almost over. It forces us to play catch up as we sprint into the week, but that’s OK. In order to execute at a high level, it’s crucial we have a team that trusts one another. In an organization, all voices must be heard even though that doesn’t imply every idea gets approved. But when you care about colleagues, it’s much easier to get behind them, support them & help them win.

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