UBS has an excellent report on the need for “Sustainable Data”.

UBS wrote: “We believe greater demand for ESG investing will require further adoption of ESG data & analytics, including ESG ratings & scores from information services providers. We are closely monitoring the development of ESG regulations across the globe (particularly in the US after the elections), which could enhance corporate & investor reporting standards, and serve as catalysts for a greater acceleration in ESG investing.”

Our view is credentialed data equips businesses for a prompt response to every challenge. Inveniam IO was built to solve this.

Further: “Investment mandates that consider environmental, social & governance factors have grown rapidly, with a further acceleration occurring amid the pandemic. Our work shows ESG factors have a significant impact on performance, with carbon considerations particularly present in our analyses. We expect investors will increase ESG considerations in their processes, particularly as regulations advance & reporting standards improve, which, in turn, could make performance attribution to ESG easier to assess.”

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