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Uniquely positioned at the intersection of blockchain, decentralized finance and capital markets, Inveniam.io provides the data architecture and integrity to facilitate greater liquidity, price discovery and the tokenization of assets for private market clients.

Inveniam delivers verified data for real-time pricing of private assets like real estate, private equity, private credit and infrastructure at greater speeds, lower transaction and diligence costs. Inveniam unlocks capital by reclassifying illiquid investments (Level 3) as marketable alternatives (Level 2) by making inputs observable improving price transparency and capital optimization

Inveniam.io’s customizable platform gives general partners the ability to manage assets in a more strategic and tactical manner. From Valuation as a Service to Waterfall as a Service, general partners can offer limited partners unique benefits that not only distinguish GPs when raising capital for new funds, but also delivering the transparency and verified data that increases confidence in fund asset values.

Inveniam.io’s software as a Service platform uses patented blockchain technology to commute trust as data is credentialed and validated. Utilizing better data, owners are empowered with actionable data and analytics which facilitates real-time pricing; Fair Market Value (FMV), more liquidity and capital efficiency, broader distribution and risk management tools.

Consistent & robust data Independent expert marks Increase confidence to allocate more capital to alternative investments

Inveniam.io facilitates observable performance data which leads to better NAIC scheduling and capital release

Potential to reclassify to Schedule A leading to:

Capital release for higher and better use

Increased return on invested capital

Inveniam.io allows businesses to prepare for the digital future with immediate value creation today.