Sequoia says to buckle our seatbelts for the 2nd half of the year. They told stakeholders last week: “The U.S. is poised for stronger economic growth in the 2nd half of 2021 than we’ve seen in decades.” Sequoia added: “In many ways, COVID pulled forward the future that technology companies have been building. Behaviors that would have taken decades to go mainstream were normalized in a matter of weeks. The question is: which behaviors will persist over the next decade, & which will be fleeting?”

At Inveniam we have been talking about the ability to trust data in a distributed data economy for years (We connect the proof of state of an asset, along with proof of value to digital evidence of ownership). We went into the pandemic pushing this idea; a year later, we have global clients demanding our product…just last year we had a hard time getting people to even answer our calls. #PulledForward

More from Sequoia: “Remember how diligent you were at the beginning of the pandemic to listen to customers, study their behavior, and find solutions for their pain. Continue to have “Dumbo ears,” anticipate customer pain points, be nimble to respond to your customers’ changing needs, & focus on the enduring. As Tony Xu would say, “Choose optimism & have a plan.” Yes. #sequoiacapital

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