Remember Libra? Yeah, they’re still here. From reports: “James Emmett has been announced as the CEO designate of the operating company for Facebook’s Libra, Libra Networks. He has spent his entire 26 year career at HSBC, & currently holds the position of Group General Manager. At the end of February, he stepped down from his position as CEO of HSBC Bank plc, the HSBC UK subsidiary as well as Europe. He retires from HSBC effective at the end of this month.”

Money’s changing. Tech, too. Inveniam is a software-as-a-service company and we’re not much concerned with the ups & downs of the price of bitcoin (we’re not a hedge fund) but the cost of transactions on the blockchain to verify transactions and independently audit data provenance concern us. We use the Ethereum network, as well as Tezos, AQL, & HLF. Just as money’s going digital & there’s no turning back – albeit there will be twists and turns on the road to get there – the adoption of blockchain technology is as transformative as any new change agent human society has probably ever seen.

Massive problems like creating trusted pricing for illiquid assets – something we’re solving –  cannot get solved with obsolete, outdated, end user computation driven tech that’s so commonly used today. Change is coming. #Inveniam

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