The need for better ESG data is more critical than ever as regulators and investors demand an uptick in corporate behavior. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock – with $8 trillion under management – is urging companies to step up their game. “I urge companies to move quickly to issue ESG updates rather than wait for regulators.”

The WSJ: “Providing frequent updates about the sustainability of their business is becoming more crucial for finance chiefs, as analysts and investors increasingly rely on this information when evaluating a company’s outlook and its creditworthiness. There aren’t yet sweeping global regulatory frameworks that force swaths of companies to report their performance in terms of environmental, social & governance, though certain exchanges and governments are making ESG disclosures mandatory. But even without widespread regulation, there is an incentive for executives to disclose this data.”

Even great companies are falling behind. Apple was dropped from the Journal’s latest sustainability ranking for a lack of proper data reporting. “The Journal requires companies to provide at least 20 financially-material data points that are less than two years old to be considered.” Inveniam’s operating system is built to solve client data problems early – and ESG is a focus.

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