We would like to thank Bain & Company for their recent press release about Inveniam – they referred to it as a report entitled: “For Digital Assets, Private Markets Offer the Greatest Opportunities”.

Excerpts: “Private capital markets, which overshadow public markets in value and growth, are dogged by inefficient, opaque processes. Now they look set to experience a step change through tokenized assets & digital platforms powered by distributed ledger technology.”
Inveniam OS: Check.

Next: “The biggest opportunities lie in private debt, equity & real estate, given their relative inefficiency compared with public market infrastructure.”
Inveniam OS: Check.

Further: “The benefits of digital platforms include more efficient administration processes, embedded transparency and governance, and, eventually, an expanded set of product options and pools of investors.”
Inveniam OS: Check.

Lastly: “Four business models have emerged as viable over the near term. To succeed with each, market participants should take an end-to-end perspective along the entire value chain, from issuance through trading & custody.”
Inveniam OS: Check.

The tools & solutions of which Bain speaks is in fact Inveniam.io. If we ever wanted validation for the work we’re doing, this is it…

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